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An upstream model which builds a foundation for all youth to move from surviving into thriving, at school, home and within their communities.


Students advocating for mental health and well-being through the lens of resiliency to impact their school culture


Schools building resilient youth by creating a culture that promotes connection, authenticity, emotional and physical well-being

Why REDgen School?​

School culture impacts students' ability to learn, grow and succeed in both school and life

All students can learn, practice and develop resiliency

Mental well-being needs to be an ongoing conversation

Relationships and connection make a difference

Building resiliency is preventive mental health 

Students know what students need

Resilient Students...

Do better in the classroom

Take action when faced with challenges

Demonstrate high emotional intelligence 

Seek help when needed

Maintain positive relationships 

Engage with flexible mindset

Set goals for the future

Program Photos


We have REDgen Chapters throughout 

Southeast Wisconsin.

Contact us to become a part of the movement.

  • Who are the Academic Advisors?
    A pupil services staff and a teacher from your school who demonstrates the following Qualifications Demonstration of resilience Authentic relationships across student body Passion for mental health and well-being
  • How do you recruit REDgen Student Leaders?
    REDgen suggests any of these three options: 1. Staff Nominations Ask staff members to nominate student who Are emerging leaders Are curious/think outside of the box Take Initiative Able to move outside of their comfort zone Demonstrate resilience Are available to participate in weekly meeting 2. Direct Recruitment Recruit students based on College and Career Readiness Surveys Present opportunity during Assembly, Psychology or Health Class 3. Student Self Selection REDgen booth at School Clubs Fair Students directly request to be a part of REDgen
  • What is the cost?
    There is a nominal fee per year to access materials, trainings, events, and to maintain membership. Grants maybe available through the State of WI:
  • What do REDgen Chapters receive?
    Member access to Roots of Resilience Framework and content Staff workshop prior to school year Framework for Student Training Kognito's Friend2Friend: Emotional & Mental Wellness virtual training REDgen Swag Access to 4 national-level speakers throughout the year Funding for REDgen activities via grant application
  • When can we start?
    The BEST time to start is at the beginning of your school year. The calendar of monthly lessons and activities start in September. However in efforts to meet the needs of our youth we will help a REDgen School group get started any time! Contact us to learn more about applying for a chapter.
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